Anthony Super


I've been programming for around five years now, and every day feels just as fun as the first time I opened Vim. I have the most experience with Full-Stack web development, with a slightly larger emphasis on the backend. I've also been programming in C++ more and more recently, and I've been really enjoying it.

As part of my developer career, I started a company: Noided Media LLC. Me and a friend worked on a project for several years. He sought other opportunities around a year ago. I've stayed with it, and currently have a new team working on something radically different from what we were doing before. More information on that front will be coming soon.

A detailed explanation of various projects I've worked on is available below.


Fall 2017—Winter 2017
Raytrace is the (unimaginative) name of a from-scratch Raytracer I wrote as part of a class. Raytrace is written in C++14, and features recursive ray tracing, parallel rendering, a BVH, refractions, texture mapping, and more. The class allowed us to use a linear algebra library, but I opted to write this myself, in order to learn more.

The code for Raytrace, and some example images, can be found here.


Summer 2017
Diceroll is a Ruby program to calculate dice formulas, and the resulting probability of those formulas. This allows a user to ask a question like "What are the chances my rolls total 28 when I roll six six-sided dice, then flip a coin and double the result if it's heads?" (which is 2.4%, roughly). The code can be found here.


August 2017—Present
I developed the Website for ToonPunk, an RPG system where you play as cartoon criminals in a cyberpunk future. I used Jekyll to build said website (much like the one you're on now). While I did not fully design the site myself, I did adapt an existing design (made by the author of the project) to be responsive, and to look a bit nicer.

The website can be found here.

LGS Innovations

Summer 2017
I interned at LGS innovations during the Summer in 2017. This internship was enlightening and gave me experience with Node-based backend development (using LGS's propriety in-house framework, BITS) sa well as with Polymer for the front-end. I also interacted with open-source Cellular Base Station Routers.

Unfortunately, the exact nature of the project I built is not public knowledge, but they do plan on using it in production soon.


Late 2014—Late 2016
ImageHex is an art website. It has features for sharing and finding art, as well as a powerful commissions feature. ImageHex was Noided Media LLC's primary project for many years. Unfortunately, however, we could never quite hit our target market. It is no longer under active development. A version of the website is still active here.

ImageHex used PostgreSQL (with some fairly complicated queries) as its database as Rails as its backend server. The frontend was made in a mix of static HTML and React.js. We also leveraged Redis for caching, S3 for Image hosting, and Heroku for site hosting.


June—August, 2015
FictionDock is a fanfiction website. Me and a friend made it on a whim to learn new web development technologies. I designed and built the backend using Ruby on Rails, and did much of the frontend JavaScript Development. Although the site is no longer active, the source code can be found here.


October 2014
WavHead was the first webdev project I ever embarked on. The idea was to have a democratic DJ—a system where party goers could vote on what song to play next. It actually turned out fairly well.

WavHead was built in Sinatra, using an SQLite database to store song information. The frontend was mostly Vanilla JS, and I built it with the help of a friend. The promo website we made for it is here.


I don't write as often as I should—unfortunately, writing takes time, which I don't have much of—but I love writing. I maintain a blog which discusses both technology and culture. I also work on original fiction on occasion, although (sadly) I rarely get the chance to do so as of late.


I've never been one to say no to trying new things, and a huge variety of topics interest me. As a result, I've played around in a variety of fields. I wouldn't say I have deep knowledge of any of these, but they're topics that interest me, and I'm at least familiar with them.

Video Editing

I've enjoyed Video Editing ever since I took a class on it in 7th grade. I made a hobby of it, creating a few joke videos with my friends (that are sadly now lost to time and deleted Youtube accounts).

I had the opportunity to apply my skills professionally twice. In the first case, I recorded and editing a training session for Aleo Solar, which was to be used as part of their proposed merger with Bosch. I delivered the videos, and the merger sadly fell through. In the second, I recored a series of videos focused at marketing to donors for a Denver-based woman's health clinic.

Musical Production

I played various low brass instruments in the years up to college, which started a general affinity for music which has persisted for my entire life. As part of this, I briefly played around with musical production. The result of that is here.


I've loved math for (however cliché it may be) essentially as long as I can remember. I got a minor in mathematics at CSU, and I intentionally took more math-heavy classes during my time there. I don't consider myself a mathematician—you need at least a bachelors for that—but I do love the topic, and often read on it.


I live in Denver, and I take advantage of the resulting access to the slopes. I'm not a fantastic skier, but I do enjoy it, and take trips semi-often during the season.

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