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Fall 2017—Winter 2017
Raytrace is a raytracer I wrote for a class. It can do the basic features, includes a BVH optimization structure, and supports texture map. It's built in C++14. Find it, and example images, here.


Summer 2017
Diceroll lets you answer questions like "What are the chances my rolls total 28 when I roll six six-sided dice, then flip a coin and double the result if it's heads?" analytically (which is 2.4%, roughly). It's written in ruby. Find it here.

LGS Innovations

Summer 2017
I interned at LGS Innovations during the summer of 2017. With the help of my team, I used an in-house Node.JS framework to provide a user interface for interacting with an SDR. We wrote the frontend for the website in Polymer. I also wrote an android port of a python machine learning program to do a type of threat analysis. All of my work there was proprietary and under NDA, so sadly I cannot link it.


Late 2014—Early 2016
ImageHex was an art website. It had features for sharing and finding art, as well as a commisions feature. Me and a partner used Rails for the backend, PostgreSQL for the database, and some React.JS on the frontend. Sadly, it didn't find a marketplace. It is now defunct, but you can find the source code here


June—August, 2015
FictionDock was a fanfiction website. Me and a friend made it to help us learn webdev technologies. I designed and built the backend using Ruby on Rails, and did much of the frontend JavaScript Development. Although the site is no longer active, you can find the source code here.


October 2014
WavHead was the first webdev project I ever embarked on. It lets guests at a party vote on what song to play next. It stores the songs in SQLite, and serves them up with Sinatra. Find it here.

Skill Breakdown:

  • Expert

    • Ruby
    • SQL
  • Advanced

    • Rails
    • JavaScript
    • React
    • Haskell
  • Intermediate

    • C++
    • Java
  • Moderate

    • Java
  • Beginner

    • Python
    • F#
    • C#

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